Minecraft (Apr.16)——[I教学]Wurst作弊客户端使用详解

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接触过MC的人应该对各种MOD、各种整合客户端都不陌生;相信大家也曾经了解过一些帮助作弊的MOD,例如cjb、矿物追踪等等。其中绝大部分是根据Minecraft的漏洞制作的。今天居正推荐的wurst也是众多hacked client中的一员。那么它具体是干什么的呢?(当然是拿来作弊的。。。)见其官网上的介绍:

The Wurst Client is a Minecraft hacked client made by Alexander01998. It contains a large variety of cheats that allow you to do things that you couldn’t do in vanilla Minecraft.

Wurst is meant as an all-in-one solution for cheating in PVP games, griefing and trolling. Most of its features can bypass server plugins like NoCheat+, AntiAura, MAC, etc. that are supposed to prevent people from cheating.




This will redirect you to a folder named “Roaming”. Inside of that folder, go to “.minecraft” and then “versions”.

Minecraft versions folder

Now put your downloaded ZIP file into this folder and open it using the Windows Explorer.

open ZIP file with Windows Explorer

Press the “Extract All” button at the top and press “Extract” again in the dialog that appears.

exctract ZIP file with Windows Explorer

The versions folder should now contain another folder with the same name as the ZIP file. You don’t need the ZIP file anymore, just delete it.

delete ZIP file

Inside of that folder, there will be another folder that is simply named “Wurst”. Drag that out of the other folder directly into “versions”.

move Wurst folder into versions

Now that you have the “Wurst” folder, you won’t need the other folder anymore. You can delete that as well.

delete extracted folder

That is it in terms of the files and folders. The only thing that’s left is adding a Wurst profile in the Minecraft launcher.

Start the Minecraft launcher (or restart it if it’s already open) and click the “New Profile” button.

Minecraft launcher > New Profile

That will bring you to the Profile Editor, where you can change a whole bunch of settings. Let’s start with the most important one: Set “Use version” to “release Wurst”, which is right between “release 1.8” and “release 1.8.1”.

All of the other settings are optional, but some of them are quite useful:

  • Set “Profile Name” to Wurst Client so that you know that this profie is Wurst.
  • Append \instances\Wurst to the “Game Directory” field so that this profile can’t change the settings of your other profiles.
  • Set “Launcher Visibility” to “Hide launcher and re-open when game closes”. That will bring you back to the launcher when you close Minecraft.
  • In “JVM Arguments”, replace -Xmx1G with -Xmx4G so that Minecraft gets more RAM and runs faster.

Lastly, don’t forget to save the new profile.

Minecraft launcher > Profile Editor

The installation is now complete and you can start Wurst using the “Play” button.

Minecraft launcher > Play

以上是官网的说明,大家可能看不懂。其实说透了就是把wurst*.zip解压到你.minecraft目录的versions文件夹下。启动时在启动器内选择正确的wurst client文件。注意一定要用java8启动,java7启动不了。此外,如果还是启动出错的话可把wurst.json删掉,复制一个别的客户端的json文件,重命名为wurst.json(掉包法),再试试应该就可以了。







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